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Electrical Remodeling in Cornwall and Surrounding Area

Remodeling your home can be quite an expansive project, especially when it comes to renovations of electrical components. Fortunately, T.A.R. Electric has the skills necessary to help residents in Cornwall undertake a complete overhaul of their existing electrical systems. Such overhauls can be an important part of remodeling jobs, which aim to make your home more functional as well as increasing visual appeal.

When seeking a highly qualified remodeling electrician, industry experience is crucial to a job well done. That's why I have the skills necessary to complete your project safely and efficiently, while also affording the professional demeanor required to instill confidence in clients.

Electrical Services for Home Renovations

At T.A.R. Electric, I offer a variety of electrical services perfect for total or partial home renovations. These include the following:

Wiring Upgrades

For homeowners, a complete wiring overhaul can be a very important aspect of home remodeling. This requires securing a company that has a detailed understanding of current codes and regulations to ensure all work remains viable. In this regard, T.A.R. Electric has the experience necessary to successfully upgrade wiring systems within a residence.

Lighting Installation

Home remodeling often entails installing brand new lighting fixtures. Having an experienced company undertake such tasks is essential to ensuring full-functionality of your lighting scheme. This includes bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, and all other areas of a Cornwall home.

New Room Additions

Adding new rooms to your home also requires installation of essential electrical components. T.A.R. Electric can capably address upgrades of this nature, whether they are related to renovating existing circuitry, revamping breaker boxes, or increasing electrical capacity within a home.

Home Theater

Is your TV on a table with all the accessories and wires just strewn about? If so then it might be time for a change. Just imagine a wall mounted system with wall mounted surround sound and barely a wire to be seen. I can design a home theater that works perfectly with the room of your choosing.

Sound Systems

Would you like to have a sound system that goes through your whole home? I can connect your sound system so that the speakers go to multiple rooms, allowing you to bring whatever you are listening with you from room to room or fill the whole area with sound.

Permits for Electrical Work

Once I know what work you would like done I will go and get the relevant permits so that your project can move forward smoothly. I also work with inspectors to ensure that your addition will be up to code and completely compliant with all safety standards pertinent to the Cornwall area.